Our Team

We are so proud of the educators involved in our programs!
Click on the staff photos below to access their bio.

Chef Danny Corsun

Founder & Educator

Chef Nadia Garbosky

Director of Administration & Educator

Jeffrey Braer

Director of Business Development & Communications

Chef Julie Watkins


Chef Sharon Cloutier


Chef Lee Carter

Coordinator of the CKA Friends Community & Educator

Chef Ben Hur-Sameyah


Gabriella Resnick

CKA Blogger & Intern

Chef Justin Garfield

Media & Chef Assistant

Chef Melissa Raub


Chef Nava Lavine

Chef Assistant

Chef Phoebe Raileanu

Consultant & Educator

Chef Shanti Greenspan

Consultant & Educator

Manya Monson

Director of CKA's Federation-LAJTI Accelerator Grant & CKA's Cooking With Friends Teen Program