Chef Danny Corsun

Founder & Educator

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Hi and welcome to Culinary Kids Academy!

In addition to being an incredibly lucky husband and father of two, I am also a NYC transplant, having moved to LA in 1990. Though I am still a die hard Yankee fan, I'm a sucker for California beaches! While I consider myself the most fortunate person on the planet to have created Culinary Kids Academy because of the profound impact it has on all who experience it, teaching actually represents my second career. As hard as it is for me to remember at this point, I actually spent 20 years in the entertainment industry both in TV and Film - And I don't miss it at all! 

Since taking CKA to the masses in 2005, I can proudly say that our cutting edge, empowering and fun workshops have reached over 50,000 public and private school students all over Los Angeles (and beyond), with hundreds of thousands yet to come! 

I am surely proof that if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life! Thank you CKA!

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