This truly was a fantastic experience and I’m so happy we were able to incorporate it into our 4th-grade curriculum. I think it provided our students with a real opportunity to make cross-curricular connections and engage in their learning in a collaborative, meaningful, but also, personal way. The depth of learning was so impressive, and it’s so cool that in 90 minutes, on three different occasions, students had the opportunity to think critically about a story, understand author’s purpose, connect to literature and history, deepen their appreciation for their Jewish heritage, discover and discuss the health benefits of different ingredients, and learn and apply effective cooking techniques. So awesome...I also loved hearing that the students are making these recipes at home!
— Nora Moreno - Valley Beth Shalom Curriculum Director
Hi CKA! Thanks again for teaching this (Caruso’s Promenade at Westlake) class! My daughter absolutely loves it! We had to go to the grocery store right away to buy the ingredients ourselves! We are hoping to make it again tomorrow!
— Julie Everitt, CKA Parent & Realtor