Protecting Our Ecosystem


Farm Fresh with Chef Phoebe

Each Morning when I wake up, I go for a long walk. Recently, on my walks I have been noticing a certain moist quality to the air. It would seem that this thick marine layer shrouding our mornings is signifying that “May Grey” and/or “June Gloom” have come early this year! Here in California we have the special challenge of fitting in the trends and weather patterns caused by the ocean into our farming. The dew that settles on to our crops in the morning, and eventually seeps into the soil, is significantly saltier than the dew in the Midwest. Our soil is sandier, and the reflection of the sun on the water can even cause our temperatures to be hotter! However, probably the biggest factor that is effected by the ocean is the quality of our rain.

We are all familiar with the water cycle:


In California and other states that are on the coast (or even surrounded by water like Hawaii), we have a unique responsibility to be extra careful about what goes into our water. When we litter, or use harsh and poisonous chemicals on our farms, we are inviting all those toxins right back into our food systems. Have you ever looked down at the sidewalk over a storm drain and seen the “NO DUMPING” symbol with a fish or whale tale? Well, that is there to remind us that all water flows to the ocean. Not only could we harm the fish and fragile eco systems of the ocean that keep our planet’s food chain in check, but eventually, through the water cycle, all that trashy water comes right back to us! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want fast food french fry water raining down on my balcony’s tomato plants! So, as we get ready for the Summer beach days and backyard slip and slide fun ahead, let’s remember to always keep our water clean!