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A Fun Little Foodie Moment


Hi! It’s Jeffrey Braer, CKA’s Director of Business Development and Communications. I am a real foodie. I love food: Eating it. Cooking it. Talking about it. Smelling it. Selling it. Promoting it. Reading about it and watching food TV. Much of my eclectic creative career, I’ve essentially been a “food branded storyteller”. 

We’ve all had our “fun little foodie moments," right? Well, we at CKA want to know, "what’s yours?" This space is your opportunity to share with us your quirky foodie adventures and culinary tales! Please feel free to write your own original blog post and email it to us and we just might feature it on the CKA Website! This way, you can truly become a part of our foodie community!

Here's MY story:

As a kid, I didn’t like sandwiches, but I loved my mom’s amazing leftovers. Chicken Cacciatore was often a favorite in my lunch box. I geeked-out about quiches at my birthday parties with silky, caramel flan for dessert. My fondest life memories, from funny to poignant, all have had something to do with food. At my wedding the Cantor said, "Rebecca eats to live, and Jeffrey lives to eat.” which is completely true! In fact, when I was dating my now-wife, Rebecca, the first time I officially told her, “I love you,” it was written next to a tasty piece of chicken schnitzel using a squeeze bottle of ketchup.

I proudly do 100% of the cooking in our household since we got married in 2003. At home, I cook at least six out of seven days weekly, which is totally ironic since I’m the only one here at CKA who does not cook in the classrooms. I love making unique, global-inspired, gourmet meals for my family.

My mom is an excellent chef; and I learned to cook by helping her out in the kitchen. I started off as my mom’s “Sous-Chef”, chopping mushrooms back in elementary school. I love that my daughters Emily, 9, and Jasmine, 4, both enjoy cooking with me. Jasmine is quite the little foodie herself; recently, I told her I was making salmon for dinner and in her four-year-old wisdom, she asked if it was “Sockeye Salmon.” Yes, it was “Sockeye” and I happily laughed to myself.

So, now it's YOUR turn. We can't wait to hear from you! Email your story to today!