Welcome to Culinary Kids Academy!

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Hello budding chefs, parents and rock star educators! At long last we are thrilled to be able to launch our new website. So, what are our goals with this amazing and exciting new site?

CKA has always been about providing a fun, educational and empowering experience. There’s a reason why our tagline is “CKA: Where learning and laughter are the two main ingredients!” Each and every workshop we teach comes with it an immersive and experiential adventure. Not only do we teach math, science, history, safety, hygiene and religious study, we do so while giving you an entertaining cooking lesson that offers incredibly valuable life skills! Well, our new website will also provide these very same features to all who join us on-line!

Not only will you learn about all the workshops CKA offers, we are excited to roll out new and original content.

What you’ll be seeing:

-       First and foremost, you’ll be treated to multiple video series’ spotlighting a group of fantastic kids we’re calling our “CKA Correspondents.” These talented youths (from ages ten to eighteen) will scour Los Angeles for the most interesting restaurants, theme parks, celebrity interviews and all other awesome attractions for their CKA peers. Join them as we set them “On the Loose” for your viewing pleasure! 

-        Blogs; CKA has amassed a staff of bloggers who will provide interesting and useful info to our youth and adult readers alike. Bloggers will range from youth who share their vegan lifestyle journey, to chef/farmers offering tips straight from the farm, to professional nutritionists who’ll help us care for ourselves through food, to a truly impressive group of pre, elementary and middle school educators who’ll guide us through the world that is education in the 21st century.  Our goal with these blogs is for CKA to serve as a resource to help you embrace the role food can play in your lives and to live those lives with the most educated passion possible!

-       CKA’s Mailbox; Each month we’ll feature an opportunity for you to ask our Chefs, Kid Correspondents and Educators any questions you may have. We want your involvement in this site and look forward to hearing from you!

-       "CKA Nuggets:” These video mini lessons provide the perfect “taste” of what CKA lessons are all about - Whether it’s the fun history of potatoes, or the science behind how bread rises, these yummy short subjects will get you learning and hungry!  

-       “How to” videos and recipes! CKA’s Chefs and our CKA Correspondents can’t wait to provide a firsthand look at how to craft our delicious and healthy creations. Be they drinks, breads, snacks, appetizers, breakfast dishes, lunch/dinner entrees, desserts or seasonal/holiday fare, CKA will provide an all access pass into our kitchen and quickly get you cooking incredible food in yours!

So, are you ready?! Put your seat backs up, close your tray tables and stow your carry-on bags because CKA is ready to TAKE OFF! And you are in store for a fantastic and wild ride with us! We hope you’ll check in early and often and ask that you please pass the word on to family and friends to join the party too! We also welcome your feedback about how we’re doing as we’re always looking to tweak culinarykidsacademy.com to better serve YOU! Take care and happy cooking!

Chef Danny