Life As A Farmer


Farm Fresh With Chef Phoebe

Hi! It's Chef Phoebe. Outside of my work at Culinary Kids Academy, I'm actually a real farmer! This is the first edition of my new blog series entitled, "Farm Fresh With Chef Phoebe." Be sure to check back often for new posts and stories!

It’s Spring. All around us, flowers are blooming and the first plants of the season are starting to ready. Throughout the winter, we filled ourselves with warm comfort food like stews and soups, pastries and breads, but now our bodies and minds can finally leave hibernation mode, and start thinking fresh!

Perhaps the best way we can start our change, is to eat seasonally. Many European countries and other nations all around the world already eat this way, but the US seems to have fallen a bit behind. Eating with the seasons gives us the chance to eat more fresh food because we can eat the produce that is available when it is actually supposed to be - think yellow bananas instead of green ones, and soft avocados instead of those that are hard as rock. Thus, it has less preservatives and is more likely to be locally sourced. Another great aspect of seasonal eating is the wonderful variation it can add to our diet! Lemons in the Summer, squash in the Fall, and beautiful aromatic herbs and botanicals all Spring are just a few examples of the bounty available to us each season!

So, as I sit at my desk with the warm breeze drifting through my window, I am filled with excitement and hunger for all the delicious Spring and Summer foods coming our way!