Chef Ben Hur-Sameyah



Hey there, my name is Ben. I've been part of the CKA team since August 2017.

Throughout my post-academic career, I've been involved with various private and public school's, serving in various capacities in such positions as a teacher's assistant, Sunday School teacher, bi-lingual language specialist, and an after-school workshop coordinator. Additionally, I've worked with a handful of camps here in Los Angeles and abroad serving as a camp monitor/counselor ranging from grade school to high school students.

All in all, I truly enjoy working with kids and have a passion for contributing to their their development and growth. Working with CKA gives me the best of both worlds, allowing me to share my passion and excitement of culinary arts with a group of kids who are just as enthusiastic to learn and get their hands dirty. I'm very fortunate to be part of the CKA family doing something I love, and sharing that experience with kids who enjoy cooking and learning as much as I do.