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Culinary Kids Academy We help students learn to cook while tapping into and honing their incredible academic potential!

CKA has found that because of the fun, story-based, experiential nature of our workshops, students become extremely efficient at cognitively processing the academics we cover. Even more exciting, these same students demonstrate the ability to retain these lessons for a longer period of time due to the manner in which they've been taught. They're learning while having a blast. It's the ultimate win-win proposition.

Our Programs
We're Fun

Kids and adults alike have a great time in our programs.

We're Inclusive

We offer a wide variety of class types for all ages and backgrounds.

We're Engaging

Participation is what sets us apart. Our students take home what they've learned and use it over and over again.

We're Friendly

Our programs are all about engagement and conversation. Our instructors take time to address every student's questions.

Programs We Offer

CKA Friends Community Workshops

Click on the brochure below for our latest programing targeting youth with special needs.

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Academic School Day Workshops

Culinary Kids Academy integrates grade level specific, standards-based, multi-discipline curricula into complex cooking classes. CKA works closely with school administrators and classroom teachers to tailor its experiential workshops to address classroom academic goals.

After School Enrichment Workshops

Just because school is over, why should the learning stop? Still using our experiential and interactive approach to learning, Culinary Kids Academy works with school administrators, PTA representatives and private on-site enrichment coordinators to provide students with a truly enriching, fun, meaningful, educational and safe after-school experience.

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Youth Judaic Studies Workshops (Pre-K through 8th Grade)

First and foremost, Culinary Kids Academy's goal is to offer Jewish youths attending day schools, religious schools and camps a tremendously entertaining experience where they cook mouth-watering, amazing food. However, CKA is far from simply a series of fun cooking classes. Each CKA workshop utilizes our alternative, experiential taching technique to create an environment of approachable, thoughtful learning – making Judaism more tangible and personal. Using cooking as the vehicle, CKA takes holidays, rituals and Torah/Midrashim that recall ancient events, and makes them relevant in modern terms. In essence, while we always look to have students walk away more knowledgeable about Jewish traditions, the greater end game is that they acquire Jewish life skills.

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Young Adult Judaic Studies Seminars

Culinary Kids Academy brings together groups of Jewish young adults for a tremendously social and engaging experience where they cook delicious food. While students catch up with old friends, or meet new, this high energy and stress-free environment makes for a free flowing and hugely successful programming opportunity. Within this 2-3 hours of anadulterated fun, we utilize our unique approach to create an environment of approachable, thoughtful, non-denominational learning – making Judaism more tangible and personal.

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In addition to the work CKA does within school classrooms, we also offer our empowering, fun and educational cooking program in intensive four hour camps. Students join us for a full week of preparing delicious recipes while simultaneously building independence, self-esteem, responsibility and academic growth. Camp doesn't get more fun (or yummy)!

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Danny Corsun
Founder of Culinary Kids Academy CKA Educator 2005-Present
Classroom Educator, SMMUSD 2000-2005
Culinary Kids Academy

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