Gabriella Resnick

CKA Blogger & Intern


Hi there!

My name is Gabriella Resnick, and I am a senior in high school in Los Angeles, California, where I have lived my whole life.

I have always had a passion for writing, specifically creative writing. Aside from cooking and coming up with my own gluten free, dairy free, and meat free meals, in my free time, I am at the gym doing cardio barre or soul cycle, watching Netflix in bed, or going out to meals with friends.

I have never been a picky eater and used to enjoy eating a vast range of foods. However, when I was a freshman, I began getting sick whenever I ate anything. This led to months of resultless testing. I have taken it upon myself to find out what is wrong with my stomach and feel it is my obligation to blog and share this journey with as many people (especially teens) as possible. This too has become a passion of mine! :)

Check out my blog to learn more about my plant-based lifestyle!