Easy Vegan Heart-Healthy Banana Ice Cream


Delightful Desserts!

This healthy ice cream is so easy, you won’t believe it! It really only requires one ingredient, bananas, however CKA has stepped it up a bit and added a few additional ingredients for extra flavor.

One banana has 422 mg—about 12 percent of your recommended daily dose—of potassium. The potassium in bananas helps maintain normal heart function and the balance of sodium and water in the body. Potassium also helps the kidneys excrete excess sodium, thereby contributing to healthy blood pressure. So start freezing those brown bananas - don’t throw them out!  

4 over ripe (starting to brown) bananas
2-3 tablespoons of low or non fat milk – (can use soy or almond milk too)!
1 tsp vanilla
Chocolate chips (optional)

Peel the over-ripe bananas. These are the ones that usually end up in banana bread or banana pancakes in my house! Chop the bananas into pieces that will fit in your food processor or blender and put them in the freezer for at least an hour. Once the bananas are frozen, remove from freezer and put them in your food processor.

Pulse the processor a few times to break up the big pieces. Hold on tight, it will rock a bit when the blades catch on the big chunks. At first it will look chunky and granular. At this point, add the vanilla and milk.

Again, you don’t really need the milk or vanilla, but it ups the flavor and the added liquid speeds up the process. As you process the mixture, keep scraping down the sides and suddenly it will start to get super creamy and smooth. Ultimately, you are going for the consistency of soft-serve custard. Make sure not to over blend!

Once you’ve reached the desired consistency, serve with chocolate chips or any other kind of topping you wish (fruit, chocolate syrup, whipped cream etc.)  Enjoy!