Adult Judaic Studies Workshops

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Culinary Kids Academy has created a truly wonderful curriculum that shares Jewish content through cooking lessons. In these standing room only events, our students learned valuable life skills in an interactive and hands-on environment while increasing their Jewish knowledge. It’s the perfect program for students of all ages and stages of their Jewish journey.
— Brian Small, Hillel - Vanderbilt University

First and foremost, CKA's goal is to bring together large groups of Jewish young adults for a tremendously social and entertaining experience where they cook mouth watering, amazing food. While students catch up with old friends, or meet new ones, this high-energy and stress-free environment makes for a free-flowing and hugely successful programming opportunity!

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The beauty of CKA, however, is that within these two-plus hours of unadulterated fun, we utilize our alternative, experiential teaching technique to create an environment of approachable, thoughtful, non-denominational learning; this makes Judaism more relatable and uniquely personable.

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Using cooking as the vehicle, CKA takes holidays, rituals, and Torah/Midrashim (that recall ancient events), and makes them relevant in modern terms. In essence, while we always look to have students walk away more knowledgeable about Jewish traditions, the greater end game is that they acquire Jewish life skills. For instance, to learn to cook while gaining a deeper understanding about cultural and religious celebrations. We do this not just for the sake of commemoration, but because these events have the power to actively guide their daily decision making as they interact with family, friends, and society as a whole! Jewish values and the social justice concepts of Chesed (the attribute of grace, benevolence, and compassion) and Tikkun Olam (the act of healing or repairing the world) serve as the backbone of these interactive workshops! 

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